Strategic Direction and Debate of Motions with Dr. Chris Goodyear, Speaker of the NBMS AGM and Anthony Knight, NBMS CEO

This session will allow participants to expand their knowledge of current health-care issues that will be discussed at the Annual General Meeting. The purpose of this session is to enhance leadership skills among physicians by increasing member engagement on health-care issues in New Brunswick. Prior to this session (prior to date of motions deadline), all New Brunswick Medical Society (NBMS) members will have the opportunity to submit motions related to health-care topics for consideration at the Annual General Meeting. From the topics submitted, structured discussions and debate will take place where all physician attendees may contribute. 

At the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:
  • discuss health-care issues in New Brunswick;  

  • understand the NBMS’s strategic direction; 

  • propose health-care changes to colleagues and members of the public.